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I have a 2008 TSX with the automatic transmission, and the car has 90K miles. Occasionally when it's cold, the transmission seems to hang in first gear after accelerating before it will drop down into the next gear like normal. It will usually do this once, then it seems to run normally afterwards. This is also a intermediate issue, and doesn't do this every time I start the car. Maybe one in 20 starts? One in 50?

I bought the car several years ago with 55K miles, and I did my first 3x3 drain & fills at 60K miles, and this will be the first of three drain & fills at the 90K interval.

I plan to change my transmission filter (first time?) tomorrow, but was wondering if it may be something else like a pressure switch or a shift solenoid. As far as I know, everything on the transmission is original to the car.

Has anyone else experienced this, and what did you do to correct it?

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