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Name: Kai
Location: Raleigh, NC
Contact: PM or call/text 919-495-7874

BRAND NEW OEM Aspec exhaust tips that came with the purchase of my full aspec lip kit from Acura. I have never used these tips before because I decided to run AP2 S2000 tips. Only one was removed from the package today to snap a picture. - $70 obo

Used OEM tips that were taken off of my car at 100k miles. Very dirty, could use a good polishing, but no dings or major scratches. - Asking $40 obo

**I just noticed that the tips seem to be identical in shape and size. I was under the impression that the aspec ones that came with my lip kit were slightly larger, but they appear to be the same as my old ones. Maybe the old ones are aspec too? Not sure, maybe someone else can chime in.**

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