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Did you OEM HID Ballast stop working?!? This apparently happens quite often for TSX Owners.

The ballast can go out for multiple reasons (Mine being this past weeks rain and no fender liner :eek:hsnap:)

Anyways instead of paying 170-180 each for a brand new ballast I decided to try something for cost efficient.

What I used:

DDM 35w Slim Ballast HID Kit (Had them laying around since I dont use fogs anymore)
DDM D2S Adapter Cables (

I went ahead and took out the OEM Ballast from both sides and mounted the DDM Ballast in a secure spot (not visible)

Here I already have 1 headlight done.

second one going in

The adapter cable plugs into the Ballast, then the secondary power wires on the ballast you need to take and plug it into the OEM HID Plug. (Stupid me forgot to take a picture) Make sure you distinguish which is power and which is ground.

Good Luck! Reply here if you have questions or need help :festive:

and all done

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I will need to do this , can you explain the ballast to hid plug more in depth? I have the bulb adapters and New aftermarket ballast on the way. Just curious how you connected New ballast to the plug where there old OEM disconnects...

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