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So these things have been in my garage for a few months now, and i decided its time to get rid of them. I dont post prices on used parts because well there used, offer me something reasonable and ill more than likely take it. Also I did try and clean everything with soap and water before the pictures were taken. Im willing to ship everything but buyer must pay for shipping completely.

If your interested give me a call/text at: 631-774-0294
email: [email protected]

OEM Front and Rear Struts:
All in "good" condition about 45k on them. There are a few small spots of rust but nothing severe or damaging. all rubber boots are in perfect condition no cracks or anything. All hardware is included.

OEM Lower Camber Adjustment Links:
These are the smaller of the two, there is surface rust on these, i would say these are in "fair" condition. If you just need a quick replacement and your one a budget these will do the job.

OEM Intake Box, Res, Tubing, etc: SOLD!
Comes with everything seen, most of the bolts will come with it a few are missing but they are your regular honda 10mm bolt which you can probably find on the side of the street. Ill just throw in the used filter also, its still fairly clean i have no idea how many miles are on it tho.

Thanks for looking, pm me, email me, or call/text I pretty much check everything so pick your communication method :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts