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oem front rotors have about 60k on them. They just needto be resurfaced before mounting. asking $60 No shipping as of now.

spark plug cover asking $25 plus shipping

oem exhaust tips they could use nice polishing before installing. **These are not aspec** asking $30 plus shipping

*****Sold**Led resisters from ijdmtoy. These are great for people with euro r headlights as these allow you to have a clear blinker versus seeing the amber color in the housing and of course you won't get a hyperflashing blinker. With these you can run regular bulbs in the rear and led bulbs in the front. I am selling two sets because you will need 2 in order for it to work. i also already modified the socket as shown in order for these to fit. leds pictured are included $30 plus shipping

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