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OEM Suspension - 65K miles - all 4 = $75

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I"m selling my factory suspension that came off my 2005 TSX. I had just over 65K miles on my vehicle when I purchased Mugen 5-way adjustable coilovers so these are just sitting in my garage. If anyone needs graciously used suspension let's make a deal. You have to cover the shipping costs but I'll make sure you get them ASAP. My wife wants me to get the huge box out of the garage. I just tried to upload my photo and am having a hard time. When I get off work I'll give it another go. Sorry admin.
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Anyone in read of some nice-used factory suspension? I have to get these out of the garage. I have paypal and can ship tomorrow!
Bump - PM me for shipping. Just priced out for another member and its around $40-$50 depending on which part of the country you are in. I'm in Minneapolis and can ship, 24/7/365 because I'm close to the airport post office which never closes.
Thats really cheap. I sold my OEM suspension for $130 picked up, and it had 68k miles
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