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Hi, just found these in my shed too. I took them off when I got my AP2 tips. One has a dent that a hammer should be able to take care of, a little Eagle One wadding polish will make them look nice, i took 30 seconds on the first pictured one and it took the tarnish of nicely. They're not mint, but they are OEM and cheap. $35 gets them shipped to you, or I'll trade them for who knows what, make an offer if you want. PS2/3 games, the red plate hinged plate relocator from my sway bar post, whatever you want, if I like it I'm down for a swap. Hell, send me a gas card with at least $35 on it and bolt them on you lawn tractor, makes no difference to me. PM me for more pics/details, any questions too.

I'm in NY and will ship anywhere, but naturally anywhere besides CONUS will be a little more. If you have a mint Sony (no knockoffs!) DS3 controller in any color except black will get these to you too, a Gamestop card with enough cash on it can too. You get the idea, I'm pretty openminded when it comes to trades.

MODS - feel free to merge my threads, I would've just changed the title on the swatbar one but I don't know how :donno:
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