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BlackVue Canada Group Buy

Canadian Merchant: BlackVue Canada
US Merchant: BlackVue USA
Contact Information: [email protected]

DR380G-HD (720p)

DR400G-HD V2 (1080p)

This is an official group buy through BlackVue Canada.
They are an authorized dealer for the BlackVue product line in North America.

The prices they've given me are slightly higher than the previous group buy. They've stated that the manufacturer Pittasoft has begun actively enforcing its Minimum Advertised Pricing policy. This policy prevents authorized dealers from selling below a certain price else risk having their ability to sell Blackvue products revoked permanently.

"BlackVue Canada has no intention of operating outside the scope of the vendor agreement we have in place with Pittasoft. We have been explicitly advised that failure to comply with Pittasoft's established MAP policies will result in our authorized dealer status being revoked. This would mean we could no longer sell or service their products. Pittasoft has warned us that in these scenarios the end consumer is the one that would have to cover the cost of shipping the unit to Korea and back for any warranty purposes."

"Having worked closely with Pittasoft we've identified the major concern for North American clients has been after purchase and warranty support. Both of these were non-existent through the smaller less reputable companies. We hope you understand that we are striving to provide you with the best pricing while staying within the policies set out by the manufacturer."

Once the group buy has been completed the fulfillment timeframe will be approximately 2-3 weeks.

You can choose to pick up the order yourself in the GTA or have it shipped directly to you.
Local Pickup will occur at Authorized Vendor stores in the GTA.
They will try to have one location in the East and one location in West.
The local pickup stores have not been determined yet.

If you do not want to do local pickup the cost of shipping is $15 to anywhere in Canada/US and an additional $5/unit thereafter.
All items are shipped via CanadaPost Expedited Parcel which includes a real time tracking number, insured to full value, prepaid return shipping label (for warranty returns) and a signature will be required for delivery confirmation.


BlackVue Canada has arranged special pricing on installs for participants of this group buy only.
Installations will be completed by Auto-Links located at Unit 7-300 Nantucket Boulevard, Toronto, ON M1P 2P4.
They are a professional shop that has expertise in the installation of BlackVue camera's and Power Adapter's.
They also provide other automotive services (Window Tinting, Car Alarm & Starter, Vinyl, 3M ClearFilm)
Installation will only cost you $40 for the unit and an additional $20 if you purchased a Power Adapter.


All units sold will come with a full one year warranty from BlackVue.
They will cover all associated costs for shipping to them and back as a customer service gesture for all participants.

The prices provided below are including taxes.
To place your order simply add the items to your cart and enter the appropriate coupon code.
Each coupon code will only work for its intended package.

The prices below are the same for USD and CAD.
Canadians can checkout at

If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to PM me or contact the merchant directly at: [email protected].

If I can't answer your question I will ask them and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Tough sell now dude. After that stint that pitta soft did with the minimum selling price act, ppl are boycotting blackvue(Canadians anyways) and a authorized sell named bbmc(black box my car). He basically ratted out that Another authorized seller who was selling the units in a group buy less than what he is. So the bbmc guy called pitta soft and now there's a minimum cost.

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When I spoke to BlackVue Canada I was advised that the Minimum Pricing Policy has been a requirement for all authorized vendors from the very beginning. Those who were not following the manufacturers policies were operating outside of their agreement.

I was told that there have been numerous companies breaching the policy whom have now either been warned or had their ability to sell Blackvue units revoked permanently. BBMC appears to have been the one that turned someone else in but in the process revealed he too was committing the same offence. I hope all parties involved would be held accountable.

In either case BlackVue Canada has advised me that these policies are a part of the agreement they and all others must agree to to be an authorized dealer. Failure to comply would result in them losing their authorization to sell and service Blackvue products.

Personally I would rather deal with a merchant that is following the rules and will still be in business in the event I were to ever need warranty assistance. A product is only as good as the company that is willing to stand behind it after you make the purchase.

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I loosely followed the last buy. Just to clarify:
We buy these for the full price now (not deposit). Wait for 40 people for 3 weeks. Then they ship them out?
If there is not enough they refund all our money?

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Your right it's payment in full just like the previous GB.
Once our orders are in the order is placed and we get our units within 3 weeks.

If not enough orders are received full refunds are issued.
I am talking to them now to see if they can lower the minimum order requirements for us.
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