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OFFICIAL BlackVUE Dashcam Part II

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Since there has been a great demand for those who missed out on our first successful group buy on these cameras, i thought i would get the ball rolling for part II !!

The introductory pricing that was offered, unfortunately, will never be seen again. I'm sure some of you have read some misleading and confusing information on pricing policies etc. as of late. But do not fear, our tried and trusted North America's leading Authorized Dealer - BlackVUE USA, will work with us to get us the best price possible - as always.

Final pricing is TBD and will follow shortly, prices listed below are preliminary based on an order of 10.


IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES: [email protected]

Order Notes: In order details/notes you must put in your username and forum

Deadline: TBD

Shipping: There is a $5 S&H charge for orders of <2 & $10 for orders of 2-5 & $20 for orders 5+.

Minimum number needed: There is minimum 10 number of buyers required.

*Canadian Shipping*
Enter your information as if it were being shipped directly to you.
***If you are canadian but have a US address to ship to, you pay in USD***

USA shipped price / Canadian shipped price

DRG380 8GB - $195 / $205
DRG380 16GB - $215 / $225

DRG400 16 GB - $245 / $260
DRG400 32 GB - $275 / $299

DRG500W 16 GB - $260 / $275
DRG500W 32 GB - $299 / $315

Power Magic - $20
Power Magic Pro - $30
Extra Mounting Bracket (any version)- $15
Extra Power Cord (any version) - $20

The package includes:
Blackvue unit w ENGLISH firmware, made for the English Market and with 1 year Blackvue USA warranty
Mounting Bracket
8/16/32 GB Micro SD card
Cigrette lighter power cable
Video Cable in/out
USB reader
User Manual

Installation thread courtesy of Mayuga via the frs club
DIY Blackvue DR400G-HD/Power Magic Pro Dashcam - Scion FR-S Forum | Subaru BRZ Forum | Toyota 86 GT 86 Forum | AS1 Forum - FT86CLUB

GTA installation: I have a buddy who i do all my work with in Concord - Auto Guru. $99
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A sign up list would be nice

Deadline will be end of this week also, quick turnaround time will get us our products before christmas!

1. Firstsx - 500 16GB x2 - USA
2. Aragrev7 - 500 16GB - Canada
3. Kycity - 500 16GB - Canada
4. SaBes - 500 16GB - Earth
5. Manda - 500 16GB - USA
(6. Kycity - 500 ? - USA)
Information on DRG400


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Power Magic and Power Magic Pro info


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Sent you a PM if the deadline is being flexed?
yes i'm just goingt o push the deadline into january
i have too many things going on and i don't want to rush everyone
i thought it would be nice gift idea for some so try and get another order in
but lets see
Hey Firstsx, am I missing something I don't see a green coupon code.

prices aren't finalized yet, was gauging interest but will have the prices set shortly.
if you can't wait you can contact blackVUE directly and arrange for any discount they can give you.

Ahh, okay got it thanks! Nope I'll wait till you work your magic again ;D
Interested in 400 16GB + PMP x1 - Toronto
If you are extending this into Jan.

there is a 500G coming out shortly, it's got a few new and neat features, i will have details soon!
Sorry it's been awhile but finally got around to this...
here are the preliminary numbers
and some info

more info as it comes available - it is not LIVE yet and ready to go. but let's generate an interest list and we can work on pricing, etc. just like last time.
Interested :)
One note:
You say to fill out the details "as if it was being sent directly to you". What does this mean? Is it not?
Yes it was an issue last time where some canadians have us addresses. Maybe my wording is not correct in the sentence lol

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