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Official D&B Meet *SAT OCT 6*

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It's kind of hard to call this meet official since it has been such a long time to plan and I'm usually logged into the forums on my mobile device, so I finally got some time to do a post.

Yes, this meet will be held TOMORROW @ the Dave & Busters parking lot where Ertefa used to be held before for those of you who are familiar.

We will be hoping to start gathering from 11:59AM-4PM/till everyone parts.

Here's a map of where exactly the location will be. Right off Highway 400 & Highway 7

120 Interchange Way
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada L4K 5C3


A few have us have been speaking about a meet to come soon, and since it is getting colder, we will try our best to squeeze in as many as possible. Seeing as how we should be getting cooperative weather for tomorrow, we decided to try to get something together as soon as possible. Hopefully you all could make it out to this meet as it may be one of the last before some of us swap over to our winter modes.


Please share with other members who don't check the forums daily.

Thanks, guys! See y'all tomorrow!!
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Well I hope all the people that had said they would show are still coming...

I am aiming to get there for right at noon and probably hang around a couple of hours depending on the turn out.

Anyone that would like to check out the parts I will be parting out it would be a great chance to check them out in person....

Shameless F/S part out thread with pics & prices now:

Lots of parts up for grabs including some rare JDM stuff!
After driving to Niagara Falls a few weeks ago, I plan on making one of these meets. Maybe for next spring. The drive was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Enjoy tomorrow!!
I hope all those who missed the speedstar meet will get a chance to come by. I informed ch1zo (Chris) about this meet and he will do his best to come by and ring up as much old members as he can as well. So this should be a fun little reunion. I may get there not exactly for 12ish, So Ken.. You can do the honours and be in charge as you may be there before me. Im sure you wouldnt mind doing ud the honour seeing as this will be the last time we see your car!
I'll get there as close to noon as I can. Hope you guys are sticking around for a couple of hours.
Will, shoot me a text tomorrow. Maybe we can cruise up together.

Anyone else in the east region that would like to cruise up, let me know! Maybe we could meet up somewhere close to the 401.
Alright, got some people to meet & goods to show today!

Will be seeing you all in a few hours!:)
Maaaan I wish I coulda made this one, rep the 2G TSX's
Nice meeting you all again today! Only wished the weather was a bit warmer haha...till next time!
Yeah it was an amazing turnout for less than a 24 hour turnover. Nice to see you all again. Maybe we can push for another if were blessed with a warmer weekend before winter slaps us lol
It was nice seeing everyone once again even though it was pretty cold!

here's the link to the pictures :D
Great turn out nice to meet new faces, we need another one before winter
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