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Okay, so what do you recommend?

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I know this has probably been asked several times in this forum but what performance mods do you recommend the most? This is what I'm thinking of doing....not all right now of course but when I got the $$.

1. CAI-Injen (already purchased)
2. Cat Back Exhaust
3. Headers

I'm looking into Comptech for everything with the exception of the CAI of course. Mostly b/c of the favorable opinions I've heard on quality plus an Acura dealership told us Comptech products won't void the warranty. What other brands to you recommend and why? Do you favor Comptech? I've heard alot about Mugen on here but from what it sounds like it's really $$$$...even more so than Comptech. What gives the most bang for the buck?
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There isn't a best bang for your buck when trying to obtain power gains from a NA setup. Everything you modify is part of a slight improvement to what you already have realistically.

And you basically have 2 options to choose when spending money on tuning. You either go all out to extract the maximum potential for what you're spending or you choose a conservative setup in favor of driveability.

Mugen is an overall road/street setup, same goes for Comptech. The amount of money you spend will net you little to minimal gains depending on what you're choosing and for what purpose.
tony4311 said:
If you do pick up the header and cat back you should pick p a high flow cat to match so you don't leave in the bottle neck
Actually that "high flow cat" hype is a marketing term. Catalytic converters are catalytic converters, it either complies with emissions or it doesn't (Which the majority of are, otherwise it's pointless to have one in the first place). A test pipe or no cat is a different thing altogether, however.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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