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Okay, so what do you recommend?

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I know this has probably been asked several times in this forum but what performance mods do you recommend the most? This is what I'm thinking of doing....not all right now of course but when I got the $$.

1. CAI-Injen (already purchased)
2. Cat Back Exhaust
3. Headers

I'm looking into Comptech for everything with the exception of the CAI of course. Mostly b/c of the favorable opinions I've heard on quality plus an Acura dealership told us Comptech products won't void the warranty. What other brands to you recommend and why? Do you favor Comptech? I've heard alot about Mugen on here but from what it sounds like it's really $$$$...even more so than Comptech. What gives the most bang for the buck?
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Thanks for all the info. But aren't you all a little weary of turbo or supercharging a car that runs this nice. I mean I'm obviously a novice at this stuff but won't doing that to your car sacrifice the quality overall? How much power overall will supercharging or turbo make? From what I've heard about 50 this right? I would think it should be more for how much they charge for those things....what do ya think around $4-5K??
IRPDR said:
^^Noel mentioned a lot of good points.

With the list of mods you listed, it seems that you are going the NA route, which definitely can't compete with the FI route in the "most bang for the buck" category.
Newbie Q..what does this mean...FI & NA route?
LannyM said:
FI= forced induction; ie turbocharger, supercharger....anything that pressurizes the intake charge.

NA= normally aspirated-this just means no forced induction-this is how your car is now.
Got it. Thanks LannyM.
You're right. I want to keep this as a daily driver not a track car. I'm just looking for a little more uumph which IMO should've been in the TSX already.

I know there are no superchargers out yet but what brand do you all recommend most?
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