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I'm having some problems with my Low Beam HIDs. I installed an HID kit for my fogs yesterday and here's a rundown of the problems:

Initial Issue:
-connected right side HID Fog
-Low-Beam Ballast starts flickering along with HID Fog
-High Beam activates turn signal on right side
-Entire Left side OK throughout whole issue.

Troubleshoot Attempt #1
-D2S Low-Beams switched from right to left, same issue prevails

Attempt #2
-Fuses disconnected for right side, all HID fog connections checked and re-checked
-Right side now operates fine with no flickering.
-All functions work

Current Issue:
Right side Low-Beam is dimmer than the left side. I'm assuming there could have been a connection issue that led to the flickering mentioned previously that damaged either the OEM ballast or the ignitor. My question is what is causing one side to be dimmer than the other? I will be purchasing a replacement set of bulbs tomorrow to see if there is still a recurring dimming issue.

Any insights? Thanks guys!
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