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Orange County Mini-Meet Date: 6/30/2013 @ Mae's Cafe

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Alright, I was planning to have a mini-meet for the summer. I do not want to make a giant TSX meet since Johnny Ly may set one up for us. Anyways, I was thinking about going to eat and just kick it. Nothing too serious...

Any other suggestions? Seaside is going to packed if we go during the weekend, so I was thinking about Mae's Cafe in Garden Grove. Some of us can vouch for that place.. Trust me.. its pretty darn good. Meals cost around 6 dollars (full burger meal) up to 10-15 dollars for a steak. I don't want to pick any place expensive.

Anyways thats my suggestion..

The date I was planning to kick it is on the 30nd of June (Sunday).

Around 12-1pm (perfect time for lunch)

9062 Trask Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844

Let me know what you guys think.

Don't force yourself to go if you can't go. You're not going to miss much.

1. Kevin
2. Mayuga
3. Jeff
4. Danny (iTheDanny)
5. Downshift
6. CyN
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I'm down, if you guys will accept my stock-ish car. :\
1. Kevin
2. Jeff

When's this happening? Got finals for next two weeks :(
wooo seaside sounds good too. Lets do it end of the month?
If I don't end up going to EDC I'm down to go.
never mind im not down anymore, i have work during that time on saturday.
oh work around that time also :[ and edc weekend too! what days are you going gus
ill just move it to the week after that. I didnt know its edc week. Im sure a lot of people are going.

Also, I moved it to Sunday instead of saturday
oh work around that time also :[ and edc weekend too! what days are you going gus
All weekend duh!
i cant do saturdays in general unless its at night
I should be good to go
i am downnnnnn. text me when the day is near. Lets set up a HUGEEE meet in 626 or OC area.. hahaha
Might have to try this spot...although I think I might have been here before and not realize it. LOL
BTW seaside during the day is a no-go. It's best to go there at 1-2 AM.
^truth, was once stuck lookin for parking for an hour before 6pm
I might have work that day :( I always open and off at 4:30
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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