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Whats up guys, unfortunately i have to sell my system due to some unexpected bills that came up!:squint: Evrything is in really good condition....
shoot me a text if ur interested (323) 629-6783

Locals only on the sub! this thing weights 86lbs UNLESS buyer wants to pay for shipping.

I have a 15.4 inch orion hcca in good condition never abused the rubber surrounding doesnt even have stretch marks!
u can also buy reconing kits if it werre to ever blow so u pretty much have a sub for life....
Im asking $400 FIRM FIRM FIRM!!!
heres a link for the specs
Orion HCCA-15.4 (ori-hcca154) 15" Dual 4 ohms Subwoofer (HCCA154)

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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