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Here's my story:
2012 TSX 4cyl base model, 145K

For at least two years, the car has been bucking/shuddering. It's mostly on the highway at low RPMs.
Seems to go away under hard acceleration.
Definitely NOT tires/wheels/axels. It's an engine/tranny thing.
We've done the regular maintenance but was LATE on the tranny oil. Did a 3x flush last month tho.
I ran injector cleaner thru it with no results.
I tried scanning it with negative results.

Then, last week, the car threw CE, VSA lights and went into limp mode.
I replaced the gas pedal, which has the APP on board.
The lights went out, but she still has the shudder like before.
I scanned the codes as P0222 and P0227 (still stored even though dash was clear).

I've scoured the forums with no solutions.
Now the car is unreliable and has to be fixed.
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