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Yeah, if you can give some tips on keeping black looking good I could use them. What's the best way to avoid swirlies? I plan on using a clean rag everytime I wash it so I don't scratch it up with dirt or rocks. And ALWAYS wash from the top to bottom. My sister did that to her black jetta :( Needless to say she traded it for a silver one!

What's the best wax and how long should I wait b/f giving it the first one?

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Moving this to car care.

While in general, any kind black is a very hard color to maintain due to it's appearance to show any kind of fine swirl and scratches under most lighting if high maintenance and care is not taken.

Washing should always be carried out with a soft wet and soapy sponge followed by drying off with a wet/damp chamois. You can try to attempt to remove light swirl and scratches using products with a like abrasion base ala - Meguiars Scratch X easily purchased from automotive stores.

Meguiars NXT wax is a new product that works magic particularly on dark colored surfaces locking in lustre. As for those deeper, unremovable swirls and scratches. You're probably best trying with a auto detailer who has an non-orbital buffer in their tools of trade.

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Here is my detail process (I just did this over the weekend):
1) Clay Bar
2) 3M Swirl Mark Remover (for dark cars) - this will help your swirl marks or water spots IMMENSELY
3) Klasse All-In-One
4) Klasse Sealer Glaze
5) Blitz One Grand Carnuba
6) After washes I use Eagle1 Wax-as-u-Dry or Wet

It's an all day job but the results are worth it. I also use a Porter*Cable 7428 orbital polisher to help speed things up and apply the layers of wax effectively.

Noel's advice is right on...just be careful when washing, that is when most of your swirl marks occur.

Proper Washing Tips:

Proper Drying Tips:

Detailing Tips:

Great place to buy nice detailing goodies (where I order my stuff):

Klasse info:
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