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Painting lower chrome trim of the front grille

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So i bought paint from express

Then got a few boxes
200 grit scuff off chrome and if i messed up
600 grit for primer
1000 grit for clearcoat

Primer (sandable)
and clearcoat

Basically take off the top rad cover and pull out the grill.
Out grill is only held on by buttons and clips.

So then you flip the grill theres a few screws to take off the chrome piece.

Then start sanding it down with the rough grit sand paper.

once its dull you need to set up a box with some news paper so you don't make a mess.

(30 mins - an hour dry time for each layer so when you touch it your finger prints won't be there....)
Primer it about 3 coats is good then sand it down lightly with the 600 grit.
You don't need as many coats but I figure I got nothing to lose.
Make sure when spraying it doesn't bleed too much or run cuz if it dries you might have to start all over.

Then I painted the grill in light spray basically keep a distance so it doesn't push or bleed.

3 coats and sometimes sand out the bubbles and in between.

Clear coat about one or 2 layers then use the sand paper even it out (1000grit)

I messed up the left side the paint bleed and the clear coat got stuck to the newspaper... :tomato:

So i'm redoing it tonight

Right side came out pretty nice =)!

Cost about 45 bucks everything.

I just need get new sand paper to redo the left side.

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Very nicely done for the right side. I'm assuming you're gonna re-do the left.
Yea i screwed up it touched the newspaper on the left so i was like #(&#$*(&$#*&*#&*#$

Anyways its not hard to do but i need new sand paper to rip off the paint cuz 600 grit is for fine smoothing things out...
finally! been looking for a DIY for this. Gonna be doing this if no euro grill or mugen grill painted cgp shows up in the classifieds in the next month or so. nice write up :)
I always loved the mugen but for the price of 50 and time... this is good for now =)
Very nice write up, I am planning on doing this to my door handels.
nicely done u
Get some black and get rid of the chrome on the grill.
I Might do that another time, but since my wheels are still chrome and my side door trims it will stay chrome for now =)
yay.. someone finally posted this.. good job man.. although im JDM =] and btw.. if u really want u can get it painted by someone for less than 50.. my jdm trim came out to 50 and its bigger.
Figure i try it myself since my friend and I been repainting his wrx in bits.
Sorry to go off topic but hopefully you experienced guys can help me with a quick question...

I have a local guy who can sell me the JDM/EuroR grill but the trim is wrong colour...

Is the the bottom trim from out stock grill same as the JDM/EuroR one? If that's the case, I can just do what lcrazyaznl to my chrome stock piece.

This is the part I am talking about...
Should be unless fitment on the euro r is differnt.

Like express paint i bought the can spray about 20 bucks
clear coat 10
primer 8
sand paper 6 each.

Its not bad plus im doing this in a college dorm so i knew i'd screw up a few times...
Do you have your hood piece painted?
I don't know about you, but this DIY you made it going to save me over 200 dollars to get the front end all nicely blue.
I actually bought my hood trim painted when i got the cf grill, but I had a car accident and only salvaged the hood trim.

So finally im painting the chrome, cuz it would match so much more

like this
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lcrazyaznl said:
I actually bought my hood trim painted when i got the cf grill, but I had a car accident and only salvaged the hood trim.

So finally im painting the chrome, cuz it would match so much more

like this
Looks very nice! I actually picked up a spare grill very cheap off ebay in the summer so I may just try painting the lower trim like you did but also paint the middle chrome piece black except the Acura the "A" will look like it's floating in all black background.
Throw up some pictures of how it came out =)
Here are pictures installing the grill back on I need to take off the bumper to put the entire grill back on but i'll do that later.

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