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Parting Ways

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Got rid of TSX unfortunately, it was my first car. Had it since i was 17 years old, memories, good times with friends i'll really miss that car. Its so weird how attached i was to it, I know i'll get another in the future & do a complete build.

Replaced her with a 2nd Gen Lexus IS250. Sorry for IPhone photos !
It'll be a nice daily, & i'll try to hold out as long as i can before the mod bug starts itching.
I got the car on Friday the 25th, my boss actually picked up an IS-F to add to his ridiculous car collection on Monday the 20th. By Thursday i slapped on the coils & Work Equips.

I still have my plate frame, i think i'll just rock it on the IS haha. TSXCLUB<333

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Damn TSX looks so small by the IS250.

Congrats :cheers:
Congrats on the pickup. I was thinking of selling mine to get an IS.
Great pick up! Love the work equip on the is!
Damn TSX looks so small by the IS250.

Congrats :cheers:
small but sleeker.. I think inside the tsx
is bigger
Yea a close friend has a 350 and rear is def more cramped than the TSX.
I was looking at 6MT 250s before the TSX, they're great cars. Congratulations on the pickup
Yeah good upgrade. The IS would be a great daily. Rims and suspension sets it off well.
But anyways, TSX still rocks! Haha :ben:
Yea a close friend has a 350 and rear is def more cramped than the TSX.
this. it is unbelievable how cramped the back row is. forget about a car seat if you have kids, let alone people who might be tall. TSX definitely feels roomier.
Thanks everyone !

I might just be picking up another Tsx sooner than i originally thought(this month maybe) & slowly build it.

The back is definitely WAY smaller, & im average height 6 ft, i feel bad for anyone who has to sit behind me in the car haha.

Already have some parts ordered for the IS, feeling the F Sport goodies & prob swap to the 2011+ Headlights soon.
congrats on the Is
Damn I wish i had a TSX when I was 17 :/
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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