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Passenger low beam shuts off after a minute

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So recently when i turn my low beams on, the passenger side only stays on for a minute or two then it shuts off. but if i were to shut it off and re-open them, sometime only the passenger goes on and the driver is off.

i've checked the fuses and the wiring, everything seems to be fine. i even unplugged my foglights. My headlights got no condensation or problems.

what could be the issues?

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Your ballasts are going. You need to replace them. The cheapest alternative would be to either buy an aftermarket ballast from somewhere like DDM Tuning or a junk yard. The best and most expensive option would be directly from the dealer.
My passenger one flickers every so often and has gone out once. You think the ballasts are the same cause?
Have you tried swapping the bulbs to see if the issue travels?

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I haven't yet. It's rare when it happens so if gets worse, I'll do that.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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