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For those of you who may remember me, I used to be the administrator and technical moderator of the sister site tsx club (ID: Peregrine) but moved away from that role in 2009. I've had plenty of car pics there for years showing the progressive development, but few years ago stopped using the domain server I used and none of the pics are showing there anymore. So I'm attaching plenty of pictures here. Some were just taken, others were taken few years ago, but the car and its condition has not changed a bit (except for new tires and centercaps).

No verification slip, but I think after so many years here, it's safe to assume this is my car. You can also look at the rear license plate frame and the rear doors' triangle windows for verification.

I bought it in 2005 from a dealer, used it as needed until 2011, but then my work has changed, I got a company car, and since 2011 I rarely drove this one, probably put less than 1000 miles on it since then, just once in few months, changed oil every year, claybared and waxed every year, etc. Outer paint has some very minor paint chips from normal use – highway driving (nothing serious), but inside looks brand new. And for some who may not be familiar with these, this model was manufactured/assembled in Japan, so it's really solid built.
This car has been babied for years, but no point keeping it and not enjoying, so it needs a new father.

The sale comes with extra parts:
- OEM wheels, still in great condition
- L+R headlight housings
- L+R inner taillights
- OEM pulleys
- OEM rear deck 6x9 speakers
- OEM brake lines
- spare stainless steel brake lines
- OEM airbox/intake
- OEM header
- OEM suspension (struts/springs)
- OEM rear sway bar
- OEM front strut bar
- OEM rotors (need to be cut, but otherwise in great condition)
- OEM light and wiper stalks
- OEM links (replaced by rear camber kit)
- Brand new angel eyes kit (in case of any problems with existing one in headlights)

List of all specs and modifications:

2004 ACURA TSX 5AT (no Nav)
Satin Silver Metallic (SSM) / Quartz Leather Interior
39k original miles
Car owned by ex-administrator of
Owner since 2005
Location: Northern NJ
Detailed service records and complete documentation.
This car is extremely well taken care of, light use, and excellent condition.

Accessories and upgrades (professionally installed):

- OEM Accessories:
-- body kit
-- all-season floor mats
-- trunk cargo tray
-- luggage net
-- wheel locks

- Headlight Upgrades:
-- Umnitza CCFL angel eyes
-- EDM OEM clear corners lenses
-- orange LED bulbs in corners
-- inner trims painted SSM
-- smoked turn signal diffusers
-- 6000K HID bulbs in low beams
-- 5000K 100W bulbs in high beams
-- X-Pel 3M lens protection

- Fog Light Upgrades:
-- JDM fog lights
-- trims painted SSM
-- 6000K HID kit
-- X-Pel 3M lens protection

- Other Lighting Upgrades:
-- 4300K HID reverse lights
-- smoke rear bumper reflectors
-- hyper white LED bulbs in dome lights
-- blue LED bulbs in doors and trunk

- Other Electronics and Electrical Related Upgrades:
-- EDM OEM heated aspheric side mirrors conversion
-- auto DRL (daylight running lights) with custom disable switch
-- time-delayed activation (5 sec.) of CCFL angel eyes and HID fog lights
-- EDM OEM light stalk switch with front & rear fog light functions, and rear fog light conversion circuit
-- Lineage Motorsport energy ground transfer system (black)
-- Optima YellowTop D51R battery
-- Commando FM-870 2-way alarm with remote: start; all windows up & down; moonroof tilt & close; and other features
-- MTX TDX6903 6x9 rear deck speakers
-- DPX Technology PIE Honda to aux. input converter HON03/PC-SON

- Suspension / Brakes / Wheels upgrades:
-- TEIN SuperStreet suspension
-- Comptech titanium front upper strut bar
-- Progress rear sway bar
-- Ingalls rear camber kit
-- SPC front camber kit
-- drilled & slotted rotors
-- Hawk ceramic pads
-- stainless steel brake lines
-- brake calipers painted red (need a fresh coat, but I have the paint)
-- rolled fenders
-- Ichiba ver.I 15mm wheel spacers in rear
-- gunmetal ADR Sokudo10 rims 19x7.5 +48
-- Zenna Argus UHP tires 235/35/19

- Engine & Exhaust Upgrades:
-- Injen cold air intake (RD Series) w/Hydro Shield (red)
-- Top Speed PRO 1 Performance stainless steel header
-- Random Technology hi-flow stainless steel cathalytic converter
-- NonStopTuning pulley kit – UD crank & OD alternator (red) w/Gates belt
-- oil catch can - chrome (though this chrome has peeled off a little over years, it's still functional, but doesn't look as well)
-- stainless hose dress-up kit (silver/red)

- Interior Upgrades:
-- GotXenon TSX racing pedals
-- GotXenon TSX aluminum floor mat plate
-- GotXenon gauge cluster face overlays (silver) - very unique
-- Pilot steering wheel cover

- Exterior Upgrades:
-- 35% Johnson tint (all around)
-- M3 lip spoiler
-- lower mesh grille (silver)

Also comes with Heatshield sunshade and Budge car cover made to fit this car.

Price: $12500

NEW PICTURES are in a new post on next page of this thread.
The below pictures are few years old, but nothing has changed except for tires and centercaps.

Angel Eyes ON

Angel Eyes and Foglights ON

night mode

wheel line


Reverse HID ON

Under the bumper


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Pregrine, wow how random is gives me goose bumps lol
I usually log in once a year (had 2006 PWP, sold in 2012, was an amazing car and this forum has been awesome) and randomly just chose to log in tonight and saw your recent sale that was posted just a day ago!!!

This guy is amazing, top knowledge about Acura/TSX and his level of keeping the car in shape mechanical+int/exterior is 150%% top notch
And this car literally is like a brand new car, seen in person! and of course has been taken care of well

Hope you are doing great man!
gluck with the sale!

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Hi there, thank you,
Sorry, no plans for parting out at this point. But if anything is left after the sale, I'll definitely post it up.

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Damn, sad to see another OG member go!! I haven't been on for the longest time when I log in, I see more people leaving!!

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Congratulations and hope you will move on to better things! I thought about it too but I have spent too much time into it I am afraid one day I will regret. You are a brave man!

Can definitely vouch for Peregrine! One of the most knowledgeable members here and I am surprised to find another TSX that has milage as low as mine! You won't regret buying his car! Hopefully the new owner will become a member here too! Good luck with everything!

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Amazing car, thanks for sharing photos. I want to get a luggage net now!

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The previous poster's (quoc) bank loan fell through...

Car is still for sale, and I apologize but I was very busy last few months.

I just replaced all the tires because I found few cracks on the old ones (updated in the spec list in the first post). So all tires are brand new - Zenna Argus UHP. Not very expensive, but I did a lot of research and they have very high reviews, in par with many other known brands. And the car drives beautifully. Already tested at high speeds in rain and dry on turns and they grip as well as my old Falkens did, and they seem quieter, too.
Also replaced wheel centercaps with black CF ones.

And I made few new pictures - May 2017

New Tires

Odometer reading - May 2017

Undercarriage - when replacing tires - end of April 2017

Someone in the past asked if I had a pic of the undercarriage, so while the tires were being replaced, I took one now.
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