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Phase Racing Front Chassis Bar

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Phase has implemented a new front chassis bar mounted behind the bumper onto the main chassis frame to increase strength and rigidity while reducing weight at the same time.

To improve handling on the TSX/Accord. The OEM hollow chassis steel bar @ 4KG is replaced with a polished aluminum version @ 2.5KG instead. This has proven to primarily improve turning and cornering response particularly in winding roads, circuit conditions. RRP ¥25,000.

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yup! he's rite, cus for example; lots of aftermarket japanese bumpers are smaller due to the smaller inner city impact requirement. like the phase front bumper will not fit unless you cut the front OEM structural cross member, this front chassis bar is a must have item.. if you had cut your original to fit a bumper like kenstyle or luckystar etc.. I believe...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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