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Picked up a Daily!

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Sorry i've been MIA folks, but I recently picked up a 1991 Mazda Miata with a hard top :) added a couple of things since I bought it (Megan EZ Streets, Garage Vary-Style Front Lip), and I'm going to change out the shitty 17's tomorrow for some 15x8 +20 TR Motorsports wheels :)
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I wish :laugh:

I want to track this car, but we shall see. =P
Awesome pickup. When I was looking for a beater, the miata was on my list too. Looks so fun to drive, but the no back seat was a deal breaker for me. We should start a "post your beater's" thread :rofl:
thanks guys! Installed the TRMotorsports wheels :)

should I keep them black, or paint them white or silver?

and yes, I need moar low =P
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Keep them black I like the look. Also I think its fine at that height to daily.
your daily beater looks very happy
Great pickup, I would leave it just the way it is.
Badass daily bro!
Looks nimble as hell!! LOL

I would do white wheels only if they matched the white body, or else IMHO it looks cheap.
But I think the black looks good.

(MOAR low though)....................................:devil:
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