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Picked up my dream car

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I still have my Acura TSX as a daily driver and it's been running without any issues since I got it 2+ years ago. But that's never been my "toy" car. I had modfied '91 300ZX Twin Turbo for 8 years, which I just sold recently.

To replace my Z, I just purchased a 2009 Nissan GTR. It was mostly stock when I bought it. The previous owner upgraded the brakes/rotors to the tune of $4k last year. It has been babied by the previous owner and has been serviced religiously at the dealer. I have all the records and documentation. The car has never even been launched.

I had been trying to purchase this car the last 2 years, but I moved from Chicago to DC, so I had to put it off. Then I had to wait until after we purchased a home in DC, which I just did in Dec 2013. I found the right car at the right price and jumped on it. I already knew the car was quick (even stock), but I am most surprised by all of the insane grip! It's just a hell of a driving experience.

Since then, I have added an HKS midpipe, which adds a little power and a throatier sound. Next up is a Cobb Accessport and a custom tune, which should make a big power difference. I don't plan on doing more than full bolt-ons (intake, inlets, downpipes, exhaust, and Cobb tune still left to do). With full bolt-ons and a tune, the car should be doing between 550 - 600 whp. Here are some pics

My GTR Front
by a300zx4pak, on Flickr

GTR Interior
by a300zx4pak, on Flickr

by a300zx4pak, on Flickr

Steering Wheel
by a300zx4pak, on Flickr

GTR Rear Side
by a300zx4pak, on Flickr

Godzilla Cherry Blossom HDR
by a300zx4pak, on Flickr
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Woah!! :eek:

Congrats!! That's one hell of an upgrade 91 TTZ to 09 GTR :cheers:
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