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pics of my modded 05 tsx (good luck 56K)

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There is alot more to come this is the pics after 2 days of working on the car
finally got it after waiting for ever ..

pics of parts i need to put on ...

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OH my, that looks clean as hell. WHERE DID YOU GET THE KENSTYLE???
lookin good :thumbsup:
Awesome!!! Keep up the great work :thumbsup:
thats one sick car! :drool:
Cant wait to see it when its completely done. Hows the greddy exhuast sounding? Really like the look of the exhuast, looks better than my comptech exhuast imo. Nice work!
cool pics
thanks fellas it goes to paint new years eve to get kenstyle painted then installed so ill have new pics when i get it back from there.I will also install the brakes when i get it back so it will be 90% done then . david
<--Can't wait to see the pic's after you get her back :thumbsup:
05...nice job!! fast mod....
wow....i love the that a real one or replica?
coz i am wondering how's the replica one fit ....but as i see ur rims and other parts....ur bodykit should be real one.... :lol:
ur rims look hot......i love it.....20s.....$$$$$$
also the brake kit...gonna see ur car's pix after u install...
i will post later......i dont have pic of my 19s installed...yet..
wouldnt mind seeing more of the hood.
phat ass ride tho
wow can't wait to see it ! sweet !
robert_tsxgeek said:
wow can't wait to see it ! sweet !
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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