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i have a Pioneer AVH-P6400CD Here is what says about it:

"This is serious hardware for maximum fun: a 6.5" Widescreen Active Matrix LCD color display and integrated CD player, fully motorized for security (with detachable face, too). Add a DVD player (or better yet, a changer) for extra thrills. Go ahead, you deserve it. "

Here is the story. I had this is my car when it got totalled........a tree ran out in the road........I swear! but anyway, I had my dad go try to strip the car for me while I was in the hospital. I was told that the car was totaled and the insurance company was going to sell it. So I told my dad to go get anything he could off of it before they took it, I was in no shape to do this myself (broken ribs, broken pelvis and metal plates in my head) So he got the wheels, sub box, my cds and this headunit. BUT he didnt thing to get the Pioneer harness plug and remote. SO this is what I have to sell, just the unit. I know that these parts, remote and harness, are available through pioneer. But I have had no reason to get them because I dont plan on putting this back in my new car. I payed $999 for it and am lookingto get $500 for it. Retail is $1200 EMAIL ME IF YOUR INTERESTED [email protected]

THIS IS THE LINK TO PRODUCT DETAILS,,2076_4023_37925,00.html
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