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Please tell me I didn't damage my transmission

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Was out driving last night, and came to an intersection that was kind of uphill right where you stop, for maybe 20-30 feet. I had this great (not great) idea to throw the car into SS mode and put it in 2nd because I like the growl my intake makes when I take off in 2nd gear.

Anyway, light turns green, start going, feel jerk, 2nd gear starts flashing, car automatically went to third, and by this time I was going like 25-30 mph, speed limit is 40. Shifted to 3rd, 4th, and 5th normally, so I decided to slow down (this was late night so road was empty). I slowed down to 30 and tried to shift to 2nd, and it just flashed and stayed in 3rd.

I turned on a side road, came to a complete stop, and voila, problem somehow randomly solved. Tried to see if it would come back and nothing. Shifts fine in SS mode, shifts fine in auto, no jerk, everything is smooth sailing. So wtf did do?

I'm not gonna lie that it was stupid to start uphill in 2nd gear, but we all do stupid things from time to time haha. I've taken off in 2nd before (for the growl!), and everything's been fine. I did check the oil this morning and it was halfway between the markers so I added like 1/3 of a quart ATF. Took it for a spin again, even gunned it, and it was all good.

Did I screw something up, or was that just bad timing or wasn't giving the car enough gas while going uphill for like 30 feet?

Pretty sure I'm freaking out over nothing, but I remember the horror stories when I had my TL that had me biting my nails every time I drove that car.
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Sounds like a weird occurrence to me. For peace of mind maybe change the fluid. Unless there is some sort of code coming up its going to be hard to diagnose a problem.

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No codes, ran the scanner on it, nothing came up.

Wait... Did you add ATF to your engine or transmission? my transmission, I know what I did was stupid, but I ain't THAT stupid.

Your car is telling you to drive like a normal person.
Well good to hear it was me just being an idiot, and not something serious haha.

Gonna see when I go WOT today on my way to work! (but not take off in 2nd on an incline, no more of that).
you didn't start out in 2nd... you selected it to not shift past 2nd
But if you go in SS mode when completely stopped, you can select 2nd gear and start in 2nd. You can even feel it shift while the car is still.

Easily tested by stopping on an incline, going in SS mode, in 1st the car will creep up when you let go of the brakes, in 2nd when you let go of the brakes it will not creep up and just sit there unless you hit the gas.

Yes it won't go past 2nd unless you shift, but it will also start in 2nd. My old car would do this too.
I'm curious why you would start in second for a growl. To me the sound you hear is not "power" but the indication of your engine struggling hard to climb a hill from stop on an incline, in too high of a gear???
If you want a growl, wouldn't you run 1st into high RPMs?
This isn't a big block engine lol. Educate me on your method!

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Ok just making sure lol. I understand liking the growl but at low rpms that sound indicates more of excessive engine load on that gear. It would be better to get some rolling in first gear and shortshift into second then WOT for legal speeds growl lol
I know I know, like I said, sometimes I do very stupid things. Now that I had that scare I will not be doing that anymore.

On the bright side, everything runs 100%, so I didn't damage anything thankfully!
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