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Plese help: Replacing low-beam bulbs, not HIDs

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Hi all,

I just got my 2009 TSX base model with 6spd about a month ago and already had a headlight burn out. So I did hours of research to figure out what bulb I needed (dealer told me it is a $220 HID bulb, Canadian Tire told me it was a $150 HID bulb, Rock Auto - $65 HID bulb) regardless of where I looked everyone is saying that I needed a replacement HID bulb.

So I ordered the one from Rock Auto, took off my passenger side wheel, unscrewed the wheel well plastic housing, and got at my low beam lamp, only to discover when I pulled out the dead bulb that is was not an HID at all.

Here the link to part of a service manual I found for this kind of bulb:
( TL19E00J32133114883KBAT00 )

Does anyone know what kind of bulbs these are, or know the product number or point me to where I could buy some?

Thank you!
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just pulled one out of mine/////

drl and high beem is a h1
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