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Plese help: Replacing low-beam bulbs, not HIDs

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Hi all,

I just got my 2009 TSX base model with 6spd about a month ago and already had a headlight burn out. So I did hours of research to figure out what bulb I needed (dealer told me it is a $220 HID bulb, Canadian Tire told me it was a $150 HID bulb, Rock Auto - $65 HID bulb) regardless of where I looked everyone is saying that I needed a replacement HID bulb.

So I ordered the one from Rock Auto, took off my passenger side wheel, unscrewed the wheel well plastic housing, and got at my low beam lamp, only to discover when I pulled out the dead bulb that is was not an HID at all.

Here the link to part of a service manual I found for this kind of bulb:
( TL19E00J32133114883KBAT00 )

Does anyone know what kind of bulbs these are, or know the product number or point me to where I could buy some?

Thank you!
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Yes, I'm sure it's not my DRL that I pulled out, you can get to that through the engine bay no problem and those are H11 bulbs, the one I pulled out is a H1 bulb, I'll post a link with a picture of a bulb pretty much exactly like the one I removed from my low beam socket.


Scroll down to the picture, my low beam bulb is exactly like the upper left (clear) H1 bulb.

I'd post pics of my actual bulb but apparently that is beyond my membership privileges.

There was no igniter, no ballast, just a single pin holding the bulb in place and a simple 'slide on' electrically connector (which is rather stuck on I might add)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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