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Plz Help me !!How to fix the little Rusting stone chips!!!

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HI everyone,

I have just got my 2008 TSX recently, and I have found a few stone chips on my TSX left fender. I am not too sure the little stone chips have been rusting, thus I have attached a few pictures for you guys. I hope someone can tell me about the condition of my TSX stone chips. If they are really rusting, can anybody tell me how to fix it plz??

I would really appreciate any advice!! Thanks

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Is that fender or front bumper?

Looks like front bumper to me. Bumpers are made of plastic and will not rust and they are black in color.

Rust will appear to be brown color.
They are on the fender not bumper, maybe the picture I took was not really clear and one of the stone chips is located beside the sunroof, can u tell they are in rust?? I really wanna keep my car clean this is my first car thanks a lot
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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