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schalliol said:
I really would love to install a power rear sunshade in my car drom the JDM version. However, I've found little more information than is in the following link, so I'm not sure how to get one, let alone install it. Thoughts? The ************* members can't figure it out, but it seems that this club probably could!

I believe there are some TSX Club members from Europe and Australia who may be able to help out here. If any of them should see this post and can provide any info we'd be happy to look at it.

Otherwise, it gets added to the "wishlist" of all those other neat accessories that we just don't get here :(

I recently found a post on eBay from a Japanese seller who was offering a set of rear tail lamp assemblies with amber turn signal lenses. They were used and in good shape so you never know what might show up on eBay?

Here is the link, maybe someone can check the sellers website from time to time or contact them to find out if he can obtain the shades?:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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