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So I wanted better sound:

2X Kicker CompVR 12"

This speakers get the juice from a SPL Dynamics DIG1450 amp,

This one give around 1200rms at 1 ohm stable.

In the front doors: kicker RS

In the back doors: kicker KS

These speakers get controlled by a Cactus 250.4 amp:

'cause I can't change the radio, i had to have a converter, Kicker zxsum8:

Stripping the car:

Cutting the wires for the kicker zum, that device makes the high input a low input for the amps.

Searching the speakercable and cut it:

Make the original wire longer:

Searching for the speaker wires in front.

didn't find them there! strange!
Find them behind of the glovcompartment:

extend the cable:

isolating the door:

'cause the new speakers are deaper than the original:

original VS kicker RS:

The RS in the front door:

Hope you liked it :)

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Nice semi-write up man! Like your choice of components and such as well... I wish I would have known more about the ZX Sum 8 before I did mine... Can you explain to retards like me why that's better than using an LoC? Also how much did you drop on everything / what do you think it would have cost you to have someone else do all that install work? (It cost me $265 for just Front Components, Amp + Sub setup.)
I will try to explain it good, my Englisch isn't perfect :)

The ZX converter is the best choice, now you make every high input a low input for your amps.
Yeah.. you can use the high input from the amp, but that sound just sucks, that's bad. So use the Kicker, it makes the qualty even better then stock.

and the cost... i don't really know, one of my best friends is a kicker dealer, so i get the stuf for really low prices.
Like the RS compo in the front doors, retail in Belgium: around 400€ [500-600$?] I have it for 200€ [300$?]

And time, well... one full weekend with help from that friend.
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