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Preorder your TSX - NJ!!

1543 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by  dudevolley name is Craig and I work for Acura in North Jersey. I'm going to test drive the TSX in about 2 weeks before it hits the showrooms in early April. We have already sent in for our allocations for April and May. All different trims, colors etc. Besides being a Sales Consultant, I'm your direct link to Comptech USA. I spoke with them yesterday and they are receiving a TSX in a few days to begin prototyping headers, exhaust, springs, struts and sway bars. I was told that Comptech is putting more R&D into the new TSX then the Honda Accord. They believe that the TSX is going to be a better seller to import enthusiasts then the Accord. Let's face it....the TSX is our version of the euro accord, or as some people say the Japanese version of the euro accord. But they're all closely related anyway. For more info on our allocations and to pre-order yours, call 973.239.3700

M-Th, Sat.
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Has to be MSRP or some discount you would predict?
most likely MSRP, which hasn't even been released yet....rumors are $25k to $30k. I have four 6-spds coming in, 2 navi, 2 non. the rest are the 5spd autos.

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