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Problems with 2012 Base

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Purchased a white 2012 TSX base back in the summer and absolutely love the car. In the past couple of weeks a couple of odd problems have popped up and have me stumped.

First, there is an issue with Handsfree link. Actually, a couple of issues. My iPhone 4 was paired when i bought it and worked great for about 2 months. Then it started "dropping" about once a week. Not a big deal to re-pair it, but a hassle. Once, it even erased my stored phone book, though that doesn't always happen. I reset the network settings on the phone which has helped a bit.

The bigger problem now is with the voice quality while using Handsfreelink. People on the other end complain of a buzzing or electronic noise in the background. Switching off of HFL to the handset makes it go away. The interesting thing is that while adding an entry to the phone book, with Bluetooth turned off on the phone, I noticed that when HFL played back the name I could hear the buzzing on the recorded name. Car was not moving, windows were up, no other source of noise. At this point HFL is not communicating with my phone in anyway so the problem has to be in the HFL system, right? Even stranger, today, my wife tells me the noise is gone. So, it is intermittent. Any ideas? Problem with the microphone?

Secondly, just today, i noticed what appears to be distortion in the drivers side mirror. A wavy appearance. I've driven the car about 4000 miles in 4 months and never noticed it before. Only thing I can think of is that I've used the defroster, and therefore the heated mirrors, recently. Could that have done something to the mirror?

I'm at 30% on my oil life and will be going to the dealer soon and plan to bring these issues up with them.

Just wondering if anyone else had any experience with these issues.

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My phone and wifes phone (iphone 3g and 4) both randomly unpair as well, and the address book also clears on its own too. No voice sound quality issues though.
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