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Progress Anti Roll Bar noise after install

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I installed the new Progress Anti Roll Bar yesterday in my TSX along with new Raybestos Professional Grade Sway Bar End links and then took the car for a ride around the block. Over small bumps and corners I'm hearing thumping in the back. (brand new, didn't happen before changing the bar). Got back under the car and swapped to the "lightest" setting and that appeared to make the sound go away, however the sound didn't go away, just wasn't as loud until I went to a grass field to park for a fair today and it started clunking bad again. Checked everything and there are no clearance issues with the chassis or exhaust (even under force pushing the exhaust towards the bar) and sway bar links are tight as well as sway bar mounts are tight with no movement. Anyone else ever have this experience? It's pretty annoying. I don't think I put the bars in upside down as the fitment looks perfect the way they are and I don't even think they would fit upside down. Maybe it's possible one of the new end links is junk? I'm fresh out of ideas with this. I'm going to be putting it up on my buddies lift later this week to take a look as it may look different then being flat on your back doing it. Anyone else with this sway bar experience the same issue?
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I had this issue recently, i tightened down all the nuts on the endlinks and the clunking noise went away
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