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I have a 04' TSX w/NAVI

I have the XM Roady and I'm currently using the Wireless FM modulator. This route does not sound too great (over the speakers) but the concept of XM is great so, I'm going to try to make this work out one way or the other and achieve the highest sound quality as possible while keeping the price at the low hundred(s) mark. Has anyone tried a better antenna? What’s the best location for the antenna? I’ve read that you should be on the roof top and have about 6 inches of metal in all directions and not on the edge (meeting the windows at about 1 inch away like most are mounting it.) We have moon roofs! What’s the best spot? Do TSX owners pray at car washes for the magnet antenna?

From reading the board inside out, it seems like the FM Modulator ($50) option is good but quite a few people still think it's kind of crappy. I see quite a few using the Soundgate SNHOND3 (Approx. $100) but also noticed that some say that the Blitzsafe (Approx. $100) or P.I.E. (Approx. $100) is much better in sound quality. I also have heard that we should purchase the audio harness for the Accord (P/N 08A31-0E1-010) (Approx. $30) from Honda to integrate it into the wiring. As per the directions, with the Soundgate or Blitzsafe or P.I.E. in conjunction with the Accord harness, you can then click twice on the CD/AUX button and see “CDC” (have the AUX act as your XM Radio selection). This information is what I got from:

My most important questions:

1. Will buying a Soundgate or Blitzsafe or P.I.E. in conjunction with the Accord harness, really make the clicking twice on the CD/AUX button actually work after the install as per that websites instructions or is it limited to only the Soundgate installation?

2. Is there a difference between Soundgate or Blitzsafe or P.I.E. besides the brand?

3. Does the 04’ Acura TSX w/Navi have an auxiliary port behind the radio? If so, what kind and size?

Any and all comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! I’m anxious to get this XM Radio integrated into my car as soon as possible. The wireless FM modulator is not cutting the mustard!
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