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Proud New Owner !2006 TSX Arctic Blue Tampa, FL

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Hey guys fell in love with the tsx after a test drive last week an I've been on a mission to find the best one I could in the state of Florida that was for sale. I stumbled on this deal an I felt it was pretty good an didnt want to pass it up.

I was stuck on a TL for a while when I was shopping around but instantly after touching the pedal in the tsx I knew it was the car I had to own! Im extremely excited.

The car had only 1 original owner and 94k original miles! I had the privilege to get this vehicle for $10,000 from a very generous person. Is this a good deal??
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Sounds like a great deal. Looks real clean too. Congrats on the purchase!
Welcome!! Nice color choice ABP :woot:
wow amazing price!!! for a 2006 thats a steal congrats man ! welcomeee
Welcome, great color choice :tu:
thanks guys. Im hoping to get at least a solid 5 years and 70k more miles out of her because my loan term is 5 years. Any recommended maintanence I should get around 100k-120k please let me know. The last owner said that so far the car only has had to have normal routine things like oil changes an tires. Its still on factory battery an factory brakes. Ill probably change those both out in a couple months just to be safe. I read brembo blanks are pretty much the standard, although Im open to suggestions on some slotted ones because I plan on putting a nice pair of wheels on in the next year or so. Any help will be appreciated guys.
Awesome looking TSX.

Dont change the factory alloys,they look best,and suit the sporty lines perfectly
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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