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Hi all,

Have been looking at a 2007 TSX here in Canada at a local Honda dealer. 86,000kms on the odo and it's a Ontario (Toronto area) car. Took it for a test drive and the front end was quite noisy over bumpy surfaces. I suggest they look at it thinking it could be the struts or bushings. They did the next day and reported that the control arms on both sides needed doing, plus apparently some bushings. They are fixing it regardless of whether I buy it or not.

The car was also in an accident in the second year of its life that caused CDN$9300 in damage. According to the dealer, it was in the rear and involved paint and likely the bumper, but no panels were damaged.

I guess my question is whether any of the above sounds odd. Not sure about control arms on a car with under 100K, but I'm not a mechanic.

I lived overseas (New Zealand) for years and owned a 2007 Honda Accord Euro (of course, the TSX here in North America) so I know the car pretty well (hence I'm looking at one here).

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

- chatoyer

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If the price is right and there was no structural damage, I mean why not. But you never know with accident vehicles if they were ever repaired properly.
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