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After months of shopping and negotiating, I finally have have gotten my dealer to a price I am happy with and they have my CG/quartz/non-navi coming in one week. I am set to put down a $500 deposit tomorrow. Any advice for details to get in writing before I put down my deposit? I have:

1) Price, fees, and OTD price.
2) Contingent on inspection/test drive
3) Mileage (it should come straight off the truck -- what is a reasonable # of miles for it to have when I pickup, considering inspection?)
4) Prtection package included and I will get regular mats also.

Thanks for this site for helping me get the best deal on the car!

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welcome ee :wavey:
Congratulation on getting the new TSX
you got a good list there.
#3 - should be less than 10 m. - that'd be reasonable

- They should give you the VIN
- Negotiate on the body kit ;) (current market price $900 - uninstalled)

good luck

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Congrats!! Make sure you check out your fees so they don't charge you bogus ones...
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