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Q: for Coltsicehockey

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Hey, Colts.. i was looking at one of your posts and saw this pic. I noticed their was a neon their. Well i was wondering if you got a neon on the back of your tsx, and if so, could you tell me your set up... Thanks a lot!


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And while i have your attention, where did you get those Acura, and TSX window decals? They are pretty sweet.. Thanks.
No I do not have a neon on the back I have been trying to figure that problem out for about 3 months now. Maybe if we put our minds and ideas together we can come up with a way but short of getting a smaller neon (mine is 36") I don't know how to install one back there. I also hope once I get a new exhaust with round mufflers and a lip kit that I will have a place to mount it.
yeah mine are 36" as well. I thought of that exaust idea as well. I might end up buying a 30" tube, simply because its cheaper than buying a $700 DC Sport exaust and hoping that the tips are round... And Nevermind the Decal question, i bought mine today.
what color is your tsx and what color decals did you get. also even if you get a 30" which i have to say is very hard to find. you will still be able to see the rear tube from a standing position
My TSX is Black/Black and i haven't put the decal on yet, but i am gonna have it chrome or white... I am installing the neons on Tuesday.
how are you going to install the rear neon cause I have still to install mine cause it would hit the rear mufflers and then get hot and break the tube. Please let me know cause I would love to install mine.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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