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I got some test parts in. I'm trying a new method for better accuracy. Usually I would machine the ball and the side pin out one piece, but if I make it out of two pieces, the accuracy of the pin goes to +/-.0002" instead of +/-.002". This allows for a nicer fit around the spherical donut bushing, and yields even less side to side play. The side pin is stepped, and the ball is reamed to .0003". There is no locational accuracy making them out of two pieces. It does mean another weld joint for me, a total of two now, but it welds quick and i dont mind. I also have to polish and buff this joint which adds little more time, but it's worth it! Here are the three pieces coming together. Notice how the side pin has a step? This step helps it locate into the ball, and guarantees it's perpendicular with the center axis of the ball.

Here is the pivot ball and side pin getting welded.

Here is the usual bottom weld.

After it's all polished.

I should have this in the next couple of weeks and test it.

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BARDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell you been brother , been a long long time !!! :) glad to see you are still here :) If you say this new version is an improvement over the original I am most likely in for one :D
841 - 846 of 846 Posts
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