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ok so im planning on buying this rims.. all the specs are in the picture..witch are 17x9 +25offset i plan on going all around with this, and i do have a camber kit already (rear only), i just don't want to roll no fenders but if i need to i would rather just do it on the back not question is would i need to? and would this rims like stick out? i don't really like the whole stick out look as much, i don't mind a little but not too much..i do alot of high way driving so i do want the handling..i also have BC racing coils...i would like to stay as long as i am now witch shows on the picture below..please let me know what you guys think i should do? or should i just buy different wheels because this wont work for what im looking for?

rims im getting..

my drop on the front..

and back...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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