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Radio doesn’t have power after removing and installing again

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So I have a 2005 TSX and I removed the radio to swap for a NAV unit but I noticed one of the cables required for the NAV unit wasn’t there so I just put the old one back. Now the Radio won’t come on, Clock keeps blinking, The A/C or heater thing works fine. The fuse for the cigarette lighter blew while doing this, but i changed it. I have checked fuse 6 and changed it and no luck. The anti-theft light won’t turn on on this one but would turn on with the other one. Is it broken by any chance? Or is it a simple fix? Please help ASAP
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Sounds like you know how the anti-theft works.

I would remove and re-seat the electrical connectors. Check them for any pins that are bent, pushed deeper into the connectors, etc.

It's probably a connector/pin issue but worst case it's possible that you cracked a solder connection on the circuit board... inspect where the connectors on the board are soldered to it, look for cracks which will usually appear as a thin, dark ring in the solder around the wire. If you suspect cracked solder, I'd probably take it to an electronic repair place to get re-soldered... soldering small electronics isn't easy, I've been soldering stuff my whole life and I wouldn't try it on something with a lot of small connections close together.
Always verify that the Oh En / Oh Eff Eff selector is in the Oh En position :)
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