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Radio doesn’t have power after removing and installing again

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So I have a 2005 TSX and I removed the radio to swap for a NAV unit but I noticed one of the cables required for the NAV unit wasn’t there so I just put the old one back. Now the Radio won’t come on, Clock keeps blinking, The A/C or heater thing works fine. The fuse for the cigarette lighter blew while doing this, but i changed it. I have checked fuse 6 and changed it and no luck. The anti-theft light won’t turn on on this one but would turn on with the other one. Is it broken by any chance? Or is it a simple fix? Please help ASAP
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It might be internal fuse blown on the board inside the radio. That thing takes time to openup and check. Check the power that goes to radio on the power connector with multimeter. You can find diagram on web. Usually its red and black wire.
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