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I did a ram air which route the air directly right from the Fog light Vent to the Air Box.

The out come:
On flat, open road. No doubt it is faster. (SAZABI can tell)
But once I come into the situation that needs low end, COME ON, WAKE UP MY LITTLE VTEC. It SUX.

My Conclusion:
Ram air without proper piping, it only go for racing track but not for daily drive. Period.

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RAM styled design intakes ala - GruppeM, Injen, K&N are specially designed for power gains in the mid to high end powerband. Ideally that's what you want in a VTEC equipped car where you can make use of the most significant power change.

Of course, there are other intakes on the market designed for low to mid powerband gains specially used to improve torque instead of horsepower which in turn gives a stronger acceleration powerband ala - Mugen.
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