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rattle vibration static type sound front center/right

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New 2014 TSX with mild rattle/vibrating/static type noise coming from the front center to right side when going over bumps, only. On smooth roadways there is no noise.
Difficult to pinpoint the exact area.

The car was returned twice to the dealer for the problem. Dealer service manager has heard the noise.
First time, we are advised that the dashboard may be rubbing against another part of car. Give it time to work itself out.
Second time, we are advised in a very polite, nice way that there is not much that can be done.
I have read at this site about the seat belt noise on this site and will check that route.
Anyone with a similar noise?
Here is a video link:
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something is surely loose, i would start by checking if the blower motor is loose then maybe check the console system.

Its a new Car, Acura should remove the console for you and look where the noise is coming from
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