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OK, so here's the story -

I purchased a 2011 TSX (6-spd) in New Jersey back in February. When I test drove the car, it had a very bad vibration under acceleration. I figured... hell, I can fix this, so I bought it. I brought it home, and then replaced the axles the next day with cheap, Autozone axles (BIG MISTAKE). I went to test drive it again, and it was much, much better, but still had a small vibration during acceleration.

I then took it to a shop, which did a bunch of work to it, but never fixed the vibration. So, I went to these forums and was searching for similar issues. I then found the company named "Raxles", that's based down in Florida. I immediately contacted Raxles, and talked to Marty about my issues. Marty is one genuine dude. He seems like he really loves his job, and he's good at it. He told me he had the axles I was looking for, and it would take a few days for them to ship. They are definitely more expensive than Autozone axles, but worth every damn penny. I received my axles a day or two before he said they'd arrive, which was a nice bonus ;-)

Today, I installed both axles, and it finally fixed the stupid vibration. FINALLY!

On a side note - the quality of these axles is incredible. Raxles really knows what they're doing. Highly recommend these guys for anyone looking to replace axles in their TSX. My car is as smooth as butter now ;-)

Thanks, Marty!!
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