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Rear Brake Question

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So I did my rear brakes for the first time. The right side was a bitch to compress so I loosened the bleeder and it pushed in just fine. Now I just found out that I was suppose to turn it and push it with a special tool.

The left rear I tried to compress it all the way in but no luck (this was when I didn't know I had to turn it) even with the bleeder loose. So I put my old brakes back on that side. I will rent the tool do get that compressed and put the new pads on.

What I wan't to know is. Will pushing the piston without turning it break anything? I tested the parking brake and it works fine.

Just want to know if I did any harm in doing it the wrong way.
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really doubtful. I just used a c-clamp on stubborn calipers. Put the pad in place in the caliper and then use a C-Clamp to slowly compress the piston in the caliper. I have done this to many different types and manufacturers with no problems.
X 2 you're fine. BTW Harbor Freight has the brake tool for like ten bucks at stores or order online. Worth it just to save on time to rent the darn thing; Plus for like 25 bucks you can get a Tq wrench too.
+1 on getting the tool at harbor freight. Four Wheel Disc Brake Piston Tool
I hear when you turn the rear caliper, make sure its centered and only turn clockwise. Never turn it the other way to center it.
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