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Hi Team, I'm quite new to this forum, as i'm now an owner of a Honda Accord Euro (thats what they are called down in good ol NZ)

I've searched and searched this forum for info on this, i've found relating topics, but nothing specific.

I was thinking of swapping the wires at the amp for the parcel shelf and rear door speakers.

Putting regular 2way 6x9's in the shelf and putting something like this in the rear doors:

Lanzar - VW64 - 600 Watts 6.5 Inch Subwoofer

6.5" subs in the rear doors.

That way utilizing the low pass of the factory amp, but having the subs in the rear doors should help the sub bass sound lower, and fuller, firing directly into the cabin, rather than reflecting off the rear window.

The subs themselves don't need huge cabinets to get good bass, I'm pretty sure the rear doors have a cavity large enough for the sound to develop properly.

Has anyone tried this?

Do you guys think this will work?


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