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Hi guys!

So last week my Honda Accord -03 didn't pass the inspection. The rear subframe as you can see is completely rusted. During the inspection, he easily punched a hole in the frame So now I need to either replace the whole frame or keep welding it every year before inspection. There is not a lot of parts in Sweden and those that exist are crazy expensive and are also rusted, so I'm thinking about importing it from the USA.

JDM 2004-2005 ACURA TSX REAR SUB-FRAME/REAR BEAM - $150.00 : JDMEngineLand, Engine Land JDM, Engine Land Japanese Auto Parts LTD. I have found this one but I think that it only comes with the frame and not discs etc. that I also want because it will make the job so much easier for the mechanic so he doesn't have to deal with rusted bolts and breaking bushings.

Do you guys know any good reputable site where I can get my hands on a rear frame preferably with all the other stuff like in this picture:
I will use a reshipping company so international shipping is not needed.

Will any subframe from 2004-2008 fit my car?

I also see a lot of different names for this part, K-frame, crossmember frame etc. Are all these the same?
Thank you so much in advance!
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